Artist Statement 

By Jordan Chisholm ​


My mother was a community psychiatric nurse, her mother a nurse, her father a social worker, her brother and nieces’ doctors, her sister an adult residential care worker. My father is, and always has been, a residential care officer – specialising with children who have special needs. Caring and an awareness of mental health and human connection is in my blood. I was born to care.


For as long as I can remember, I have had an innate desire for listening to other people and understanding where they are coming from. I find us human beings extremely fascinating and I believe we all want to be heard. Conversation plays a huge part in my arts practice.


I like to think of art in this way: if there was absolutely nothing left in this world, apart from each other and the ground to hold us, what would we do? Art would survive because it is and always been alive. We would connect with each other, we would entertain, we would build, we would gather, we would care, we would listen. 


Listening is at the heart of all that I do. I listen to my body. I listen to nature. I listen to music. I listen to strangers. I listen to those who I love. I listen to the silence. I listen to all the things left unsaid. I listen to understand. I listen to move. I listen to get confused and uncomfortable. I listen to hear nothing. Through listening, we can understand and value. Listening is an offering to come together. Listening is caring.


I have a HNC in Social Care and a First Class Honours degree in Contemporary Performance Practice – my arts practice blurs the lines between these two worlds and offers a common ground, accessible to all. Art has helped me help myself, it has helped me understand better the world in which we live. Creating is my own form of therapy and in doing so, I hope that I can help you too.


I aspire that my practice can assist in redefining perceptions of art and performance; for it is caring, and there is nothing more innately human than that.



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